Peter U. Diehl

I love to solve problems! They have to be diverse, challanging and they have to have a big impact on the world.
My previous projects include:
One of my first memories is of watching my dad assembling a computer, turning it on for the first time, and experiencing artificial intelligence in a computer game. Ever since then I am passionate about understanding intelligent systems, both artificial and biological. Therefore I decided to study computer science for my undergraduate at TU Dortmund with focus on artificial intelligence, statistics and signal processing, complemented by a minor in economics and additional coursework in psychology at Ruhr University Bochum. Driven by my curiosity about biological intelligence, I did a masters in computational neuroscience at the BCCN Berlin, where I completed several projects at TU Berlin, Humboldt University Berlin, University College London (UCL) and ETH Zurich.
During my PhD at the Cortical Computation Group, part of the Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH Zurich and University Zurich, I was able to combine my interests to understand the computational primitives of our brains and to create intelligent systems. I worked on different types of neural networks, some of them models aimed at performing computations and simultaneously mimicking the mammalian neocortex, others are more directed towards high performance in traditional machine-learning benchmarks.
Driven by the desire to tackle different types of challenges and explore new ideas, I decided to join McKinsey & Company.

Present Occupation
Since 2016-09                      McKinsey & Company

2013 - 2016                          ETH Zurich, Switzerland
                                              Doctor of Sciences (PhD) in Artificial Intelligence
2011 - 2013                           TU Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
                                              Master of Science (MSc) in Computational Neuroscience
2008 - 2011                           TU Dortmund, Germany
                                              Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science